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Worshipful Master  Frederick A. Marotti

From The East

My Brothers All, 2020 will definitely be a year to remember. She reared her unly head and ruined so many dreams for so many people. We have seen new life  in the birth of a few brothers children and unfortunately the loss of a few fine brothers. We have seen shortages and frustration. Masters of their lodges, our MWGM, AGM’s and DD’s who have waited in some cases many, many years to fill those positions had their year ripped apart with little time and little hope of recovery. These my Brothers are indeed trying times but we as Freemasons must remember who among us shed their blood for this fine land. We must remember who we are and how we should be the shining light that perseveres to the end and who is saved. We must spread the cement that binds us as humans and Brothers. Least of all let us not forget that there is a plan for us all and that the Grand Architect of the Universe is depending on us to carry that plan forward. Honor our heritage, be mindful of others and their opinions. As for our lodge, it will be quite some time before we are back at labor. Although the Grand Lodge has lifted their restrictions on degree work and stated communications we must follow a ritual that is not Hiram’s if we choose to broadcast on Zoom for all Brothers. If not only 11 brothers plus Officers could physically attend lodge  Going back now would mean we will have to social distance, our temperature will be taken at the entrance to the lodge room, we will be required to wear gloves and masks, not be able to have any buffet dinners and no fellowship in the temple. This will indeed be a difficult time for us. Doing degree work will be very different and I am not sure how many Brothers would want to return to lodge with these restrictions. With that, I have suspended all summer Hiram stated communications. We are in the process of reviewing the state requirements and trying to revise our footwork to accommodate the mandates. Our inspection is tentatively scheduled for September so Officer’s should brush up on your Fellowcraft Degree. Pandemic is certainly not new to Freemasonry. We made our way out of the last one a century ago and I am certain we will make our way out of this one. With summer upon us I encourage you to be safe but go and live your life. For virus or not, all of our lives are merely represented by that little dash between the date we were born and the date we die. So live that dash the fullest you can. I miss you all, my Brothers, and wish you a GREAT summer. Until we meet again!


WB Frederick A. Marotti

Worshipful Master

Hiram Lodge No. 1

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Be Advised that many activities have been cancelled or postponed until further notice.

Special Announcement

Please be aware that due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 issue, Hiram Lodge #1 has suspended all meetings and activities until further notice. Also be aware that the New Haven Masonic Lodge is closed. We are not taking reservation for any buiding use at this time and have had to cancel any standing reservations. It is regretable that these measures have had to be taken, but we are committed to the health and safety of our members, their families and our community. We'll do our best to reopen as soon as possible. We are using the New Haven Public Schools and City Public Safety officials to measure our actions. It is our hope to reopen when schools start back up. We also hope everyone will be safe and kind out there. Look out for your neighbors and be sure to put into practice all advice from our State and Local officials. Best Wishes to all.

"Zoom" Virtual Meetings are happening every Thursday during our quarentine period. See the calendar for links.

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All Brothers are invited to join in and just let us know how you're doing. Visiting members from other lodges are always welcome. We've had Brothers call in from all over the country and the World. No official business, just discussions about life, family and fraternal interests.  (please see the calendar for dates, times and links.)

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Welcome to New Haven, Connecticut USA! We've been citizens of New Haven and the surrounding towns for 269 years. Most of our members live and work in the area and we're proud of our City. If you're a Freemason and plan to be in town, we'd love to welcome you to our lodge. New Haven has excellent museums, shows, parks and Long Island Sound shore line. Shopping and food are tops on the list. Want to know more about New Haven? Click Here!

Welcome to our website. Hiram Lodge No.1 is a Masonic Lodge in New Haven, Connecticut. The information on this website is meant to inform our members and the public of what is currently happening around our Lodge and the Grand Lodge of Connecticut. Freemasonry is an organization of men who are interested in self improvement, service to our community and the well being of our fellow brothers and their families. Our Lodge dates back to the time of the founding of our nation and we try to live our lives by the traditions and ideals of our fraternity. We welcome inquiries to our Lodge and Freemasonry in general. Our fraternity is world wide and spans ethnic, religious and political beliefs by welcoming all good men who show an interest in learning and living the ancient teachings. These teachings include a belief in a supreme being, a commitment to good citizenship, moral living and a desire to be a better person.

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