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Worshipful Master  Frederick A. Marotti

From The East

With my most warm and fraternal greetings Brothers; 


It has been a very exciting first two months in the East. I once again would like to thank the Brothers for giving me this opportunity to serve as your Worshipful Master.  We have instituted a different Degree schedule with an intensified Masonic Education program designed to make Brothers more proficient. We are also instilling the sense of belonging among our new Entered Apprentices by giving them temporary name badges and getting them involved in the upcoming Colonial EA Degree. This, our second Colonial EA Degree of the year, is coming upon us quickly with two candidates eager to join the fraternity. 


Our January wildcard night was filled with fellowship, food and entertainment. We found a nice establishment to play pool which, as it turns out, is owned by a Brother Past Master of another Lodge! Our Valentine’s Day dinner was delicious and was attended by a fair number of Brothers and their ladies. It was a very enjoyable evening. 


At our February 13th Stated Communication in order to instill commitment to the Craft, the Brothers voted to increase the initiation fees so that our candidates are required to make “more of an investment in Freemasonry.” After an informative discussion, all opinions were weighted and the motion passed. 


Excitement is beginning to build in and around the 4th District and our involvement in  The New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We will kick the festivities off at our March 12th Stated Communication where we will have a traditional St. Patrick’s Day Table Lodge with one of our own Past Masters providing the nourishment. For the parade itself on Sunday, March 15th, our commitment for a trailer and truck has been fulfilled allowing more Brothers to participate in the parade by riding instead of walking. There are flyers out to the entire 4th District with the hopes of having 50 or more Brothers and their families marching or riding on the float. Banners have been ordered for the float and our late lunch of traditional St. Patrick’s day cuisine has been ordered. Many thanks go out to the Valley of New Haven Scottish Rite for providing this wonderful conclusion to what we expect to be an eventful day.  This will be a GREAT day for Freemasons as it will show solidarity, unity and perhaps attract men of good nature. 


I want to recognize my Officers for stepping up to the plate in all ways to keep Hiram GREAT. Because of them we are well fed, making Masonic education informative and exciting, and keeping up the standards of excellent Hiram ritual. This will continue to be a GREAT year with lots to do and much fun and fellowship for both ourselves and our ladies. 


There is much labor to do and as I am certainly up for the task. I urge all Brothers to be involved. Help in any way you can. Come to Lodge; be a part of the greatness. If you have forgotten Lodge etiquette contact me and we will have a “Rusty Mason Education” night. But please do help me and the Lodge, Brothers, in making this a very successful year. See you very soon!



Worshipful Brother Frederick A. Marotti

Worshipful Master

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Stated Communication
St Patrick's Day TABLE LODGE
March. 12, 2020
6:30 pm
Stated Communication
Fellow Craft Degree
March. 26, 2020
Dinner at 6:30
Meeting at 7:30
Stated Communication
Colonial E. A. Degree
Feb. 27, 2020
Dinner at 6:30
Meeting at 7:30
Save the Date!
New Haven's St. Patrick's Day Parade
 Sunday March 15th
Meet at the lodge in New Haven 11:30-12noon
All masons are invited to join the brothers
of the 4th Masonic District.
Late lunch will be provided by the
Valley of New Haven AASR
back at the New Haven Masonic Lodge after the parade.
for more info, please reach out to WM Fred Marotti at if you are staying for lunch or RSVP below

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