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Brothers all,

   The year is quickly moving forward as we are into the second half of 2021 with many changes that continue to improve our experiences in Masonry.  Masks are OFF and Lodge is fully open!!  

   Our Brothers in the South have been back to labor with exceptional meals and participation is for stated communications continues to grow.  In the community we have remained active with supporting DeMolay at their annual golf tournament and a record 12 Hiram Brothers were in attendance.  Also, brothers rallied for a clean-up / set-up of the basement at Life Haven Shelter to accommodate a small library and gathering place for women and their children.  As I have mentioned before, we have no plans of slowing down.  Plans are finalized for this year’s Pizza Challenge on July 11th. There are 23 teams committed; a big jump from two years ago when we had only 8. Inferno Pizza and the Big Green Pizza Truck combined will be donating the food, Entenmann’s Bakery donating desserts, Masonicare and CT CHIP will be there. The event will be in the parking lot of brother Bob Moon’s business in Hamden, Moon Cutters.  Lots of space to isolate!!! The beneficiary will be The Tommy Fund supporting families of children undergoing cancer treatments and care. Pizza Nights became a great addition to the calendar and are well attended resulting in a great opportunity for fellowship and fun for all at Inferno Pizza North Haven.

    Lodge business is also moving forward. Along with us having a considerable backlog of EMR’s, interviews are active, our first FC degree was successful, and our next is planned for June 24th.  As always, Lodge slows down during the months of July and August, but both provide good opportunities to make it back to Lodge. July 15th is a traditional combined Stated Communication with Trumbull Lodge and will be informal, meal is a barbeque in he back yard. August 12th Brother Cedric Jacobson will be traveling from Boston for a presentation on The Ritual, Reason, and

Symbolism of the Initiatic Process. If you’ve wondered about any element of our Initiation ceremony, from the clothing of the candidate to the direction of circumambulation, to the “secrets” of this degree, or the final lectures,

this is the presentation for you!  Again, representing a casual and comfortable opportunity to reconnect with your brothers.

   Please keep a close eye on the calendar, right here on the Hiram Lodge # 1 web page for times, dates, locations, and particulars.



Keith Macdowall

Worshipful Master

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Thanks to all who supported and attended the
"New Haven Pizza Challenge"

Hiram Lodge wants to thank Inferno Appiza, The Big Green Truck Pizza, Moon Cutter Co., Entenman's and Porcini International who stepped up and made this event a success. Thanks also to the many area Masonic lodges and youth groups who supported and participated in the event. Your support helped us give a great donation to the Tommy Fund, here at Smilow Children's Cancer Hospital in New Haven.



An offer to members
for a piece of history

Look here to see an offer from WB Mike Calderone.
At a recent lodge 
cleanup we came across dozens of old aprons.
Want to own one for a collection or for travel?


Lodge Picnic
August 8th, 2021
11:00am to 3:00pm
Ashlar Village Pavillion, Wallingford


August Stated Meeting
Lodge of Instruction

August 12, 2021
Presentation by Brother Cedric Jacobson
Dinner at 6:30pm


Stated Meeting
Past Master's Night

September 12, 2021
Dinner at 6:30pm


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