Lodge News

On July 11th around 200 people merged on the Moon Cutter Company to participate in and support this year's "New Haven Pizza Challenge". 18 teams from around the area competed to see who could eat delicious New Haven style pizza in the quickest amount of time. Brothers from Temple Lodge and CT DeMolay managed to make it to the finals and the young men from DeMolay just squeeked out a victory to be crowned the champs. Thanks to all the many participants who made this event a success. The real reason we were all there was to raise money for the Tommy Fund at Smilow Children's Cancer Center at Yale, in New Haven. They help support families coping with children undergoing cancer therapies. We are proud to report we halped raise over $7100.00 through the generosity of all involved. Thanks to all who helped and supported the event.

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For members of our lodge and Brothers of the fraternity. At a recent lodge clean-up, we rounded up a bunch of old apron from Hiram, CT Rock and Olive Branch lodges. They are in different states of repair, some excellent, some in need of attention, but all authentic and beautiful. We have decided to offer them to brothers for collections or as traveling aprons. Please go to the below link if you'd like to talk to WB Mike Calderone about owning one or an tire set. We are happy to make a deal with any brother interested in owning a piece of history. Click Here!

On June 30th, Hiram Lodge #1 Host a meeting of the 4th Disrict, Blue Lodge Council. It was the annual awards night honoring the outgoing District Deputies and their AGMs. The banquet hall was beautifully decked out for the event and over 60 people were in attendance. Hiram Lodge received the "Washington Gavel" as a reward for having the most attendees. Special thanks to our JW Tullio M. and Steward Dan K. for a great dinner and to the Marotti family for all their help setting up and making our event memorable.


At the beginning of March we had our first of many Pizza Nights where some of the guys gather for pizza and fellowship. We love to join our friends at Inferno Pizza for dinner. These are the guys who help sponsor our PIZZA Challenge, so we want to support them as much as possible. WM Macdowall has scheduled a

pizza night every month, so check the calendar for the schedule. Freemasonry originally met in taverns and restaurants, so we're kinda emulating the tradition in a new way. Brothers are invited to attend. Bring your own libation and $10, we'll supply the Foxon Park soda and some great New Haven style pizza.

Don't forget to support Inferno Pizza, Universal Dr. North Haven whenever you can.

Early in Feb. 2021, Hiram Lodge brothers and friends joined the young men of Sleeping Giant DeMolay to support their bowl-a-thon fund raiser. They were raising money for "Project Semicolon", the State Master Councilor's annual charity. They all met at the bowling ally in Southington along with other Masonic brothers, Rainbow Girls, DeMolays and friends for this great event. The tourney raised close to $800 and will be added to the year's collection for the charity. Project Semicolon is a Mental Health awareness program with a focus on suicide prevention. I wish I could report that the Hiram Lodge teams did us proud in the standings, but once the scores were posted, we realized we should have asked for the gutter bumpers. The good news is that the Rainbow teams were the champs of the day. We're proud of all the kids who ran and participated this awesome event for a great cause.

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