Lodge News

Our first, "in person" get together since the Covid pandemic started almost 5 months ago. About 20 brothers and prospective members gathered at Anthony's Ocean View restaurant for dinner in mid August. What a great opportunity to meet the new gentlemen and see our old friends as well. We were outside on the patio just steps away from the beach. It was a beautiful sunset and a lovely warm evening to be outside with friends. We are hoping to talk more with these potential brothers and look forward to receiving some petitions.

In July a few brothers of the lodge helped deliver much needed bottled water to our friends at "Life Haven" in New Haven. Life Haven is one of our favorite charitable organizations in New Haven caring for homeless women and their children in the Fair Haven area. We typically have a number of events with them each year, but due to Covid, we have had to keep it to a minimum. We're hoping to offer some dinners for Thanksgiving and the holidays.

Thanks to Life Haven for calling us with a request. We're always here to help! 

On March 30th & 31st, Brothers from the lodge were asked to transport over $65,000.00 worth of donated food to The Columbus House in New Haven, from it's original destination at Fairfield University. Because of the Coronavirus, the University closed down and had all this food on hand, deciding to donate it. Only problem was, how to get it to the shelter. That's where we came in! Following strict guidelines like social distancing, gloves and masks, a group of brothers worked over the two days, moving packaged and canned goods from Fairfield to New Haven landing a huge windfall of food supplies for our friends at Columus House. All I can say, is, once we all recover, we'll be ready to go again.

Its Friday March 27th and we're in the middle of the Covid-19 "Stay Home, Stay Well" period of social distancing. There's no official meetings going in now because of the Coronavirus restrictions. The Building is closed, the lodges are not congregating so what can we do? A bunch of lodge brothers and visiting brothers got together last night via a web meeting to talk about things on the subject of both lodge and personal business. It was good to talk to all our sequestered brothers and find that most of us are good and dealing with the situation pretty well. At exactly 9:00pm we toasted our brothers who weren't present. Check the picture right in the middle. Thats my empty chair in the corner. Timing is everything! Stay safe out there and look for WB Mike Calderone's Facebook posts for further virtual meetings.

On January 23rd and February 27th 2020, the officers and members of Hiram #1 performed an Entered Apprentice Degree in colonial costume for five new brothers. The degree team, lead by WM Fred Marotti, dimmed the lights and performed much of the degree by candle light. Both events were very well attended with many visiting brothers and Hiram members alike.

Congratulations to our newest members who received thier degree. Hiram Lodge #1 was chartered in 1750 and is proud of our colonial heritage. The early degrees were held in taverns and halls, but our beautiful building is an appropriate space for this wonderful re-enactment. Thanks to all who attended and worked hard to make both nights a success.

On January 4th 2020, approximately 160 brothers and friends assembled at the New Haven Masonic Temple for the Annual Installation of Officers at Hiram Lodge #1. The big room was full of commotion as all the guests and participants witnessed the ceremony of installing WB Frederick Marotti and his corps of officers. In attendance was MW Brother Melvin Johnson, Grand Master in CT and many of his GL officers. WB Glenn Jacques gave his year end report for 2019 and was ceremonially escorted from the lodge room as he relinquished his chair after a fantastic year as Master. Once the chairs were proclaimed vacant, by Presiding Officer Steve Allinson, the new officers were installed and the new year began. (Pictured is WB Michael Calderone presenting the Bible Charge to WB Fred Marotti under the watchful eye of WB Glenn Jacques.)