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Worshipful Master's Message Summer 2015

Greetings Brothers,

SHAZAM !! This year continues to be amazing! Our degree work continues to be crisp. This observation is a reflection of the

dedication and effort of our Lodge Brothers to produce quality Ritual. The Mentor and Instruction programs continue to help

our new brethren on their Masonic journey while the Junior Warden and his Stewards continue to serve great refreshments

both before and after our meetings.

Other recent Lodge activities include a History of the meeting places of Hiram Lodge by Cedric Jacobson and Leland Moore,

the formation of the Hiram Lodge Book Club, a Paintball Challenge between Hiram and New Haven DeMolay the Annual De-

Molay Golf Tournament and the Grand Masters Day parade (at which Hiram won FIRST PLACE  for Grand Masters Day Support).

Coming up are more activities for you to take part in including Hawaiian Shirt Night, Annual Picnic and the HIRAM

CHARITY GALA !! Mark your calendars for these and much more.

There is a lot of excitement and fun at the Lodge and if you have not been there lately, I urge you to become a part of it. Thank

you for your support.



Timothy C.R. Wilkins, 

Worshipful Master

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