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Masters Message Nov.-Dec. 2015

Greeting Brethren, 


Our lodge has been very active over the autumn season. Notes of merit include our Annual Family Picnic, an Entered Apprentice Degree, a step-up night on the FC degree, a Past Masters Night, Masonic Temple Open House, 4th annual Halloween Family Bowl, and our 1st Charity Gala. On 10/10/2015 our 1st Hiram Lodge Charity Gala was held in the Sphinx Temple in Newington. It was a great success. Good fellowship and fun was had by all for this worthy event. It was a stretch goal that tested us as a lodge and how the brethren can come together for a worthy purpose. Our lodge came together again when yours truly fell off a ladder and was seriously injured. Brothers came to my aid to do various handyman and other jobs that I need help in completing. When asked why they did this, their answer was a resounding, “This is what we do as masons.” I could not be more proud of my brethren who do community service and exemplify what it means to be a mason. My heartfelt thanks to all the brethren for all they have done. As this is my last Master’s Message and I wish to thank my officers and the brethren for all of their support to make this a successful year. Our ritual continues to be first rate due to the dedication of our brethren. Check the trestleboard for the upcoming stated communication and degrees. 


There is a lot of excitement and fun in the lodge. If you have not been in lodge lately, you owe it to yourself to come down and be a part of it. 



Timothy C R Wilkins 

Worshipful Master

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